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Signage Design Trends of 2020

Whether its interior or exterior signage, keeping your message modern and visually appealing is in your benefit. With the turn of a new decade, there are trends in signage that are sure to send positive impressions to the modern consumer. Like how Brush Script was the “in” font of decades past, 2020’s trends speak to the aesthetics and concerns of our time. These are the top 5 to look out for and use in your personal signage business…

1. Environmentally Friendly Materials

A “Recycle” sign in green letters on a white field.

The most important signage trend of 2020 is one that viewers won’t see, but one that will attract customers to your product. By offering custom signs made from environmentally friendly materials, like recycled plastics, you do a number of things:

  • Support other business’ sustainability efforts
  • Show that you care both about presentation and our planet
  • Prove that your signage business is willing to go above and beyond to make the best products possible

2. Ooooo Shiny Metals

Shiny metals are professional, making them ideal for name tags and office plaques

Sign makers understand that matte signs are better for exterior signage because they inherently prevent glare. However, shiny metals are high in demand and work beautifully for interior signage and giftware. Like a new car, shiny metals look sleek and have a luxurious appeal.

3. Light It Up With LED


LED lights are eye catching, energy saving solutions for signs that WOW! Using materials that are compatible with LED backlighting for both your interior and exterior signage means you go the extra mile. These are signs that undoubtedly grab attention.

4. Typography For The Creative

Typography is an effective strategy that uses text as its main design elements.

When done correctly, typography is one of the most impressive signage trends out there. It allows you to say and do more with the material space you’re limited to. This is because typography is using simple font and text to convey a larger message or enhance a brand aesthetic. Be careful though. When typography is done well, it is highly effective. If it’s done poorly, its just plain bad.

5. Monochromatic

Monochromatic Sign

Minimalism has been a big trend in recent years, but now signs are taking it a step further with monochromatic schemes. This means that the sign uses one color with different light and dark shades. Think of it like an old movie poster. Of course, in order for a sign to serve its purpose, it must be legible—adding text in simple white or black is acceptable to the monochromatic rule for signage. The end result is the same: simple & professional.


Stay on the lookout for an unlikely new client. It’s projected that the number one industry looking for new signs will be banking financial services and insurance.

Here at DiverseID, we keep a pulse on the latest trends in the industry. Trust us to deliver signage that is modern, professional, and honors your branding.

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