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The Top 6 Redi-Tag Products For Top Notch Organization

No one does organization quite like Redi-Tag. From color coding to note taking Redi-Tag products are simple yet multifunctional.

These top 6 Redi-Tag produts will not only take your personal organization to the next level, but they will make your notebooks and document binders look great as well!

1. Redi-Tag Large Index Divider Note Pads

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When a quick reminder isn’t enough, the Redi-Tag Large Index Divider Note Pads are up to the task. Easily find your pacee with an array of brightly colored tabs and see your detailed ideas about the section in one convenient place.

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Pack of 3 of large divider note pads fanned out. They have a blue spine, yellow body and mutli-colored tabs.

2. Redi-Tag Transparent Arrow Page Flags

With a unique clip on style and easy to reposition design, these brightly colored flags mark important places from a glace. Mark them with any writing tool for better organization. Plus, these tags flags are see through so they’ll never cover your text.

Contracts and notes have never been easier to navigate through than with these arrow page flags!

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A pack of Redi-Tag Arrow Page Flags with 5 flags in this order from the top down: blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange.

3. Redi-Tag Permament, Write-On Index Tab Dividers

Teachers and administrative professionals rejoice with these permanent index tab divders! The beauty of these write-on tabs is that they allow you to create your own custom indexing system. With their heavy-duty plastic design, these tabs stand up to the test of time and can tranform any document, report, presentation or manual into an organized system of your making. Use ballpoint pens, permanent markers or even pencils to mark all 104 tabs to your liking!

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A pack of Redi-Tag Permanent, Write-On Index Tab Dividers.

4. Redi-Tag Laser Printable Index Tabs, 1-1/8” Bulk Pack

For the most clean and professional organization, these laster printable tabs are the ones for the job. They allow you to customize your labels using the Microsoft Word program, resulting in uniform and unique labels to suit your professional purpose. Designed to last, these tabs will neither tear nor curl, and the attach easily to the edge of any page.

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A bulk package of laser printable index tabs.

5. Redi-Tag Sign Here Page Flags

Your legal department spends hours writing contracts and documents. But it should’t take that long to finalize them. Save time for both you and your client by using easy to see “Sign Here” markers. Their design makes them easy to reposition and resuse as needed, so you never have to waste a flag. Best of all, their dispensers are refillable. This makes them easy to store and keeps them professionally crease-free.

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A package of “sign here” flags with their dispenser.

6. Redi-Tag Sticky Notes In Assorted Colors

A classic must-have for any professional, sticky notes are one of the most versatile office products. Use them to color-code, make reminders, make flip book projects, facilitate brainstorming sessions and so much more! These recycled note pads are also recycleable, making them the best choice for the environmentally responsible individual.

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Sticky Notes are an all time office favorite for their multi-functionality.

Whether you’re a teacher of modern American history, an HR rep at a startup, or an Art History graduate student, Redi-Tag is the #1 most convenient solution for your organizational needs.

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